Update and Announcements

Upload Date Title Downloads
04-08-2022 Transcript of Earnings call Q1 FY23 Download
01-08-2022 Financial Advertisement in newspaper Download
29-07-2022 Recording of earnings conference call Download
29-07-2022 Press Release on Unaudited Financial Results of the Company for the first quarter ended on June 30, 2022. Download
29-07-2022 Investors Update/Presentation Download
29-07-2022 Intimation of Appointment of Secretarial Auditor - Disclosure Download
29-07-2022 Intimation of Ratification of Appointment of Internal Auditor - Disclosure Download
29-07-2022 Outcome of Board Meeting held on July 29, 2022 Download
27-07-2022 Intimation of Schedule of Analyst/Investor Call to discuss the results of Unaudited Financial Results Download
14-07-2022 Grant of Stock Options under CarTrade Tech Limited (ESOP) 2021 (I) of the Company Download
28-06-2022 Allotment of 9,174 equity shares under ESOP 2015 of the Company Download
19-05-2022 Disclosure Of Related Party Transactions Download
12-05-2022 Annual Secretarial and Compliance Download
09-05-2022 Transcript of the CarTrade Tech Limited Q4FY22 Earnings Conference Call Download
04-05-2022 Result of Postal ballot and Scrutinizers Report Download
04-05-2022 Outcome and Audio recording Download
04-05-2022 Allotment of 38,000 equity shares under ESOP 2011 and ESOP 2015 of the Company Download
04-05-2022 Outcome of Board Meeting held on May 4, 2022 Download
04-05-2022 Investor Presentation Download
04-05-2022 Press Release CarTradeTech Q4FY22 Download
02-05-2022 Intimation Letter for Earning call Download
25-04-2022 Certificate under Regulation 40(9) Download
15-04-2022 Additional information with respect to the postal ballot notice dated March 28, 2022 Download
01-04-2022 Newspaper Intimation for Postal Ballot Download
28-03-2022 Postal Ballot Notice Download
28-03-2022 Allotment of 97,500 equity shares under ESOP 2011 of the Company Download
28-03-2022 Intimation of Authorised Person Materiality of events Download
28-03-2022 Intimation of Trading Window Closure Download
28-03-2022 Outcome of BM March 28 2022 Download
25-02-2022 Analysts Institutional Investors Meet Download
23-02-2022 Analysts Institutional Investors Meet Download
25-01-2022 CarTrade Tech Q3 FY2022 Earnings Conference Call transcript Download
25-01-2022 Outcome of Board Meeting Download
25-01-2022 Press Release Download
25-01-2022 Investors Presentation Download
22-01-2022 Intimation Analyst Investor Call 22 Jan, 2022 Download
16-12-2021 Board Meeting Outcome Download
16-12-2021 Press Release / Media Release Download
25-11-2021 Disclosure of Related Party Transactions Download
03-11-2021 Cartrade Tech Ltd Q2 H1FY22 Earnings Call Download
28-10-2021 Financial Results for H1FY22 Download
27-10-2021 Intimation Analyst Investor Call 29 Oct,2021 Download
19-10-2021 Allotment of 6,91,000 equity shares under ESOP 2011 and 2015 of the Company Download
06-10-2021 Voting Results of EGM of Scrutinizer’s Report Download
05-10-2021 Proceedings of EGM Download
14-09-2021 Newspaper Ad published on September 14, 2021 for EGM on October 5, 2021 Download